The purpose of difficult relationships

This Is The Purpose Of Difficult Relationships

Life puts us in a number of difficult relationships at various stages of our life. These relationships are not random. They serve a crucial role in our spiritual advancement for which we were born on this planet.
The purpose of difficult relationships is to make us more spiritual.
Difficult relationships make us more spiritual

Life has many purposes. The most important of them is to realize our true nature. It is called self-realization.

It is attained partly by living in this cruel world and partly by practicing some spiritual methods.

The people we encounter in our life are not random. Each one of them has a special role to play. They help us understand our shortcomings and blindspots better.

Our parents and relationships are chosen according to the karmic debt we are supposed to repay in the current life.

The faulty beliefs and outdated social values we learn from our childhood environment may look unfair when we find ourselves at the receiving end at a later stage of our life. But the truth is that we got exactly what we left in our previous life.

In our current life, some of us find difficult parents, siblings, or spouses. After our toxic relationship with them dissolves, we realize that they were playing a key role in making us realize our behavioral flaws and forcing us to work on them and become a better version of ourselves.

It is no coincidence that many people we meet in our life journey remind us of our past unhealed versions. That’s why they say the world is a mirror.

Being spiritual means nothing but to heal ourselves of all the wounds we have been carrying for innumerable lifetimes. This means going through all the pain of processing those repressed emotions and working on our triggers.

For this, we alone are not enough. We need some form of difficult relationships.

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While undergoing the healing process, it may feel that it is those people who are causing our pain and suffering. But this assumption is not entirely true. Our own wounds are equally responsible.

Had those people not been part of our current life, the only thing that would have happened was a postponement of the healing work to some future birth. Would that make much sense?

When we have no choice but to heal, then sooner is better.

Yeah, I agree, it is a bitter truth. So let’s end this post with a famous statement by great French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre:

“Hell is the other people”. 😊🤣

The purpose of difficult relationships

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