Being ourselves is the best form of self-love

The #1 Secret About Self-Love

We torment our soul by trying to be somebody else. Being our authentic selves without any shame is the purest for of self-love.
Being ourselves is the best form of self-love.
Being authentic is the best form of self-love

Our soul gets tormented when we pretend to be somebody else. It desires us to be our authentic selves.

The root cause behind our trying to be someone else is a deep-seated fear of judgment by others.

We subconsciously dislike our shortcomings and the ugly aspects of our personalities. We want to present our best version to the world. The curated one where undesirable parts are carefully removed.

We lack self-esteem and need to practice unconditional self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance comes when we stop judging ourselves – our looks, our way of speaking, our bodies, our thoughts, and our beliefs.

An apple looks best when it remains an apple. It will lose its beauty and uniqueness as soon as it tries to pretend like an orange.

There is a reason behind nature creating so much diversity in the world. Let’s be who we are for our own sake and the sake of mother nature.

Not loving ourselves the way we are is a disrespectful act towards our creator Himself.

Being ourselves is the best form of self-love
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