Connecting With Your Higher Self

When you want to listen to a particular radio station, you tune your radio to that station, tuning in to a particular frequency. Same when you want to watch a particular show on TV. It is the frequency you tune into that determines what you hear and what you see. Our brains operate in very […]

The #1 Secret About Self-Love

Being ourselves is the best form of self-love

We torment our soul by trying to be somebody else. Being our authentic selves without any shame is the purest for of self-love.

This Is The Purpose Of Difficult Relationships

The purpose of difficult relationships

Life puts us in a number of difficult relationships at various stages of our life. These relationships are not random. They serve a crucial role in our spiritual advancement for which we were born on this planet.

My journey from fear to faith

Have faith

No amount of external possessions can give us the ultimate security we are craving for. The underlying fear can be killed only through cultivating an unshakeable faith in the goodness of God.

A wealthy man with four wives

A wealthy man with four wives

Blind pursuit of material wealth at the cost of our spiritual well-being leads to regret at the time of death. It’s wiser to take care of our soul first.